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Posted by on Oct 29, 2018 in Blog, Editorial, Tips & Tricks |

How to produce a low cost movie/video

How to produce a low cost movie/video

With the development of video streaming platforms and compact cameras, it’s easier than ever to produce great video content. Start your next video project using the examples below:

How to find low-cost video examples

If you think of a great idea, the chances are it’s been done before check Vimeo or Youtube for inspiration.

Write your first movie script

Not always necessary but if you are working with a large group of people this can be invaluable for keeping a day’s shoot on schedule.

Filming your movie with a smartphone

Can I produce a low-cost video using my smartphone?  Course you can!  You’ll need a sturdy tripod, possibly additional lights and way of recording external sound. There are plenty of stock music and awesome stock sound effects sites if you need to spice up your production.

Editing your movie

Editing software will allow you to slice and arrange your clips. There are many great editing programs on the market to help with this eg: Final Cut or Premier

Royalty-free music

Additional music can help you create tension and mood. Royalty free music is ready and available on the internet. There are plenty of free sites but I recommend paid sites for the best music

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