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Posted by on Dec 18, 2017 in Blog, Editorial, video |

Crowd Funding movie for New Outlook – My Guide project

This short film is set in Birmingham at New Outlook Chatham Place. We follow Phyllis over a week in order to highlight the need for help and support for the partially sighted.

More about the project and the people New Outlook support

New Outlook support people with sight loss to get out and about on their own terms, reducing isolation and community disconnect.

There are over 27,000 adults who are registered blind or partially sighted living in Birmingham and this figure is set to double by 2050. Many people with visual impairments also suffer from another long-term illness or disability. Over 40% suffer from depression, with sight-loss having a negative effect on mood and lifestyle.

As well as reduced mental health, sight loss results in decreased social functioning. Having a visual impairment is associated with lower social relationships and poorer connections to family and friends. Over 50% of people with sight loss report feeling lonely, isolated and cut off from the people and things around them, with independent travel being a particular cause of anxiety.

Phylis Keefe & John Young and Guide Dog Kris
Susan Bushell and Corbin Elliott
Filmed and Edited: Aaron Manning & Chris Elliott
Script by: Isabel Morris

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