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Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in Blog, Editorial | 4 comments

x5 fantastic illustrations by Chris Smith

x5 fantastic illustrations by Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a Digital illustration artist from Croydon, London. Below you can view some of his most recent illustrations which have earned him commissions with agencies all over the world. Chris uses a range of digital software programs to enhance his work.

If you are an illustrator or aspiring painter then I would encourage you to check out his work at the following addresses:

Chris’s Flickr page

Illustration of Pterodactyl

Illustration of Pterodactyl


Futuristic Rickshaw illustration


Portrait of Moctezuma


Illustration of Mokele Mbembe

Illustration of Cortez

Illustration of Cortez



  1. Hello!

    I like so much your style and work. Is very good, fine and amazing. You can get a atmosphere in each one that is a so vivid to the subjescts.
    Keep going.

    See you

    Jaime G

    • Thanks Jaime

      I’m glad you like the illustrations. I’ll pass your comments onto the artist.

      Thanks for the link to your illustrations.

  2. A FB friend post your photograph of a Pterodactyl. I gonna guess a lot of people are going to believe it’s real.

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