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Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in Blog | 4 comments

x5 fantastic illustrations by Chris Smith

x5 fantastic illustrations by Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a Digital illustration artist from Croydon, London. Below you can view some of his most recent illustrations which have earned him commissions with agencies all over the world. Chris uses a range of digital software programs to enhance his work.

If you are an illustrator or aspiring painter then I would encourage you to check out his work at the following addresses:

Chris’s Flickr page

Illustration of Pterodactyl

Illustration of Pterodactyl

Futuristic Rickshaw

Futuristic Rickshaw illustration

Moctezuma portrait

Portrait of Moctezuma

Illustration of Mokele Mbembe

Illustration of Mokele Mbembe

Illustration of Cortez

Illustration of Cortez



  1. Hello!

    I like so much your style and work. Is very good, fine and amazing. You can get a atmosphere in each one that is a so vivid to the subjescts.
    Keep going.

    See you

    Jaime G

    • Thanks Jaime

      I’m glad you like the illustrations. I’ll pass your comments onto the artist.

      Thanks for the link to your illustrations.

  2. A FB friend post your photograph of a Pterodactyl. I gonna guess a lot of people are going to believe it’s real.

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