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Posted by on Apr 15, 2013 in Blog, Editorial | 12 comments

x5 fantastic illustrations by Chris Smith

x5 fantastic illustrations by Chris Smith

Chris Smith is a Digital illustration artist from Croydon, London. Below you can view some of his most recent illustrations which have earned him commissions with agencies all over the world. Chris uses a range of digital software programs to enhance his work.

If you are an illustrator or aspiring painter then I would encourage you to check out his work at the following addresses:

Chris’s Flickr page

Illustration of Pterodactyl

Illustration of Pterodactyl


Futuristic Rickshaw illustration


Portrait of Moctezuma


Illustration of Mokele Mbembe

Illustration of Cortez

Illustration of Cortez



  1. Hello!

    I like so much your style and work. Is very good, fine and amazing. You can get a atmosphere in each one that is a so vivid to the subjescts.
    Keep going.

    See you

    Jaime G

    • Thanks Jaime

      I’m glad you like the illustrations. I’ll pass your comments onto the artist.

      Thanks for the link to your illustrations.

  2. A FB friend post your photograph of a Pterodactyl. I gonna guess a lot of people are going to believe it’s real.

      • I’m confused. I thought this artist was claiming to have created the pterodactyl image. There is a lot of controversy behind this image and I didn’t know if this artist is taking credit for having created it.

        • Hi Mark,
          I did indeed create this image.I put it up on my Flickr page a while back and it was stolen and appeared on a few websites making various claims about it’s authenticity. Most intelligent discussions I’ve seen have concluded correctly that it’s fake as I deliberately used fruit-bat wings for it which are anatomically different to a Pterodactyl (less finger bones!) It’s has been fun watching it taking on a life of it’s own, although I never intended to pass it off as real.

          Best, Chris

          • Oh ok you did a pretty good job! It confused me at first:)

  3. Chris, I am a writer and would love to use your pterodactyl/thunderbird image on a Kindle book (electronic copy) to be published on Amazon, that my writer’s group has put together. It’s an anthology of short stories that have the theme of the weird, wild, and wicked west. One of the stories is about a mysterious thunderbird.

    May we use it? I would give you full credit after title page.

    Let me know, thanks!
    Laura Metzger

    • Laura, I passed on your details to the artist this morning, did he get in touch?

  4. Would you kindly post a picture of the original cowboys without the Thunderbird? (or tell me where the original picture can be found)

    • They’re compiled from several different pictures – there’s no one original image. I lost all the ref a while back when a hard drive died on me. I think there were roughly 15 – 20 pictures involved.

  5. Hi Chris, if you’re still reading this thread, could you kindly get in touch with me? I am hoping to obtain permission to include your pterodactyl image in a project I’m working on. Thanks! – Kevin.