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Posted by on Jun 20, 2018 in Blog |

How to choose the right music for your next video project

How to choose the right music for your next video project

When you are planning your next marketing video project, it’s always a good idea to decide on the right music. Music can convey a particular mood. It can also add direction to what the viewer might feel. A music piece with lots of minor chords might add tension and suspense, while uplifting music or major chords convey a sense of fulfilment or completion.

Finding the right music isn’t always easy and usually comes at a small cost depending on the length, popularity and audience size.

There are plenty of free music sites, but from personal experience, the client will require something a little bit special and won’t mind paying the extra price.

Audio Network is an accredited music website. They have thousands of songs, and you can search for music by style, mood and genre. If you find a track, you like it can be downloaded and tested in your project for free. The tier of payments starts at zero for non-profit videos and rises for more public pieces of work. I acquired two tracks for a recent project, and it was around £140.

All in all a winner in my book, especially if you need to impress your client and take your movie creations to the next level.

There are also plenty of awesome stock sound effects sites if you need to further spice up your video production.

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