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Posted by on Jun 9, 2013 in Tips & Tricks | 2 comments

How to Import a Microsoft Word Document into WordPress

How to Import a Microsoft Word Document into WordPress

So you have a Microsoft Word document with text and images embedded and you wish to migrate into WordPress.

To make things simple. WordPress have included the WordPress Icon seen on the WordPress menu bar below.


WordPress tool bar

In the following videos, I’ll show you how to format your Microsoft Word document and paste them into WordPress.

Part One

Part Two

Finally you’ll need to add your photos back into the post using the WordPress image uploader.

Be aware that your Word document may not migrate perfectly. For example, if you’ve defined heading 2 in Word to be Times 24pt blue,  then when you bring it into WordPress it will appear the same as you’re <h2> tag defined in your CSS.

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How to Import a Microsoft Word Document into WordPress



  1. Great videos. What about when we have images in the content? For advance importing of documents into WordPress Editor, there is a plugin called “Document Importer by Plugmatter” which allows you to import the entire content along with it images, bold & italic words, underlined text, etc. It retains all your formatting and does its job in seconds.

  2. Thanks for the plugin suggestion Syed and the great looking promotional site.